In the mid 1990's, Saloncare was inspired by the need for a safe yet result orientated, cost effective and user-friendly skincare range. For 25years, with our international footprint growing speedily, professionals have favored this significantly vegetable based range of skincare products developed for manual, machine and home care regimes.

The range does not include harsh, unnecessary chemicals, alcohol, animal ingredients nor gets tested on animals. The comprehensive listing of products caters for all skin types and conditions, any gender or age, including new born babies.

Amanda Harrod, with her 19years of experience in the Health & Beauty Industry, focusses on giving the salons, spa's, physiotherapists, somatology institutions and other professionals the support to grow their businesses in our very challenged economic climate.

In 2019, we had the pleasure of launching our bulk range to assist in increasing profit margins in the industry.

Educating and informing the consumer accurately, dispensing with media myths and providing the individual with quality orientated but cost-effective products is our priority. We have a personal approach to skincare as the goal is to create total wellbeing and confidence through education and caring.

As you journey through our website, you will come to understand our personal approach and realize what places us in the forefront of the industry as the company who truly cares about connecting a skincare product to a person in a very personal way.




  Branding Director

  (finalist Business Woman of the year 2017)

  Educating, empowering and adding value




  In house cosmetic chemist

  Travelling globally and attending personal 

  care exhibitions keeps us informed  

  accurately and motivates us to keep 

  up the innovation momentum.



  Head of Operations - Manufacturing Facility

  Building brand excellence and trust through

  accuracy and repetitively implementing GMP's 

  (Good Manufacturing Practices)